Small Groups


We believe community is created in a small group environment. 

Life occurs around the kitchen table.  But in order for people to feel comfortable in anothers kitchen, they first must create a close friendship.  That can only happen by spending time with each other.

The early Christians met together daily and shared the ups and downs of life in their homes.  They relied on one another for support and fellowship (Acts 2:42-47).

We believe that the first century church left us a great model for peace and happiness in today's environment of hectic schedules and fast paced living.  Life was meant to be enjoyed between people.

Friends form communities and communities share life together. They celebrate life's victories and the joys of daily living, as well as providing strength and encouragement on a daily/weekly basis to those closest to them.

Meaningful relationships are formed when life is shared with one another.  

The following groups invite you to...Come Experience the Life, Love and Community of Jesus Christ with them.

Young Familes & Young Adults (Gen x'ers and Millennials)

These three groups, with children at various ages, meet at various times and places and are lead by the following: Chad Pickel & Jim Sullivan

S.A.L.T. (Teens)

Led by our Ministry Coordinators: Andrew and Holly Ingram & Andrew and Kelsey Eller

Professionals (Younger Baby Boomers)

Meet Sunday nights @ 5:30pm and is led by Mark Burris.

Silver Servants (Older Baby Boomers)

Meet at various times and locations and are led by J.D. Atkinson

Chapel Devotional Group

Meets at the building on Sunday nights at 6:00pm and is led by Mike Yarbrough